Every business is unique. The approach is flexible and tailored to your company's needs and wants.

Projects typically include research, creative strategy, design, and implementation.

Projects typically include research, creative strategy, design, and implementation.



Uncovering the core idea, learning about your company and where it needs to be, what makes it unique and how it will all blend together as a consistent brand that is connecting with the audience.

When the vision is understood it becomes easier to make a meaningful impact and differentiate from competitors. It helps the brand align with the company and have a clear sense of purpose.

Creative Strategy

Every brand is thought of as an experience that emphasizes its sense of purpose. Strategy and creativity work their magic together to create a brand identity that is both unique and memorable.

The brand strategy is the foundation on which the brand is built. We define all important factors and find visual clues from what the research uncover, in order to establish the brand identity.

We talk about business aspects, core values, target audience and main competitors. The brand identity will be developed by following the information from the creative strategy.


In this stage we aim to fully understand the visual aspect as a whole and the direction in which the identity can go. Based on the plan that was already approved, some ideas will be digitally presented.

Presentations include digital mock-ups that allow us to take a look into the future and see how the logo and the brand identity can be applied to relevant print and digital contexts.

Before developing the full identity we will go through feedback sessions and refinement to ensure the strongest and most enduring outcome.

Make it real

To establish trust and credibility with customers, a brand needs to be consistent. Everything is designed and delivered with efficiency in mind, so the implementation becomes a smooth process.

Even after the project is finished, clients are encouraged to ask questions about the design implementation, guidance for the visual identity or help with additional branding elements.


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